How GOP Governor Candidate Darren Bailey Fell Right into Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Triangulation Trap

This is why Illinoisans need to elect Cheryl Erickson for your next Governor.

Darren Bailey is an Illinois State Senator. Before serving as a State Senator, Mr. Bailey served as an Illinois State House Representative. On the surface, this means Mr. Bailey should have some experience in detecting political shenanigans.

From the looks of things, Mr. Bailey flunked the political maturity test with flying colors.

Darren Bailey took Mayor Lori Lightfoot's triangulation bait...hook, line and sinker.

The definition of triangulation:

"an approach used by many different people who share one thing in common: insecurity. As a result, they're willing to manipulate others in harmful ways to get what they want or feel a sense of security in a relationship."

Translation: Darren Bailey congratulated Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker for being good guys for one day when in fact the two are 100% responsible for the mess Chicago and state of Illinois is in today.

Triangulation occurs when two parties (Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union) appear to be in disagreement. But behind the scenes, they (Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union) are on the same side. The two just make it appear they are bickering.

Prior to Mr. Bailey's gracious support of Mayor Lightfoot, Team Erickson quickly uncovered Lightfoot's true intent for scolding the Chicago Teachers Union (wrote a January 6, 2022 article in our blog) which was to create favorably in the hearts and minds of Chicago residents that she and (by proxy) J.B. Pritzker were on the side of Chicago parents.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Darren Bailey tweeted the following in a Twitter post. Below is the actual text just in case Darren decides to delete the tweet.

"Tastes like vinegar saying this, but Lightfoot is right. This is unacceptable. The CTU is out of control. We must put our kids first. Pritzker should be leading on this issue, but he’s too afraid to stand up to the unions helping fund his party’s campaign against parents. #twill"

The reason why Lightfoot is not right is because Lightfoot is responsible for this entire school shutdown mess. Decisions affecting Chicago parents and children are made at the local and state level. Please let me remind Chicago and state of Illinois voters who run Chicago and Illinois: Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker.

Darren Bailey with all his state government experience in the House and Senate got snookered by Lori Lightfoot and, by extension, J.B. Pritzker. So for one day, Darren Bailey became a supporter of Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker.

Here's the definition of triangulation (used by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) with which Darren Bailey is apparently unfamiliar.

If Darren Bailey can be easily manipulated by Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker as state senator, how can he stand firm on making tough decisions for the people of Illinois?

Darren Bailey is an insider and does not recognize the insider's game.

This is why Illinois residents need a common woman with life lessons under her belt to serve as Governor.

Building volunteer teams, spreading the word through grassroots channels cost money. My campaign for Governor is not going to spend money on lavish hotels and restaurants to rub elbows with elite individuals. I’m not promising special favors to anyone. I am running for the people of Illinois.

My campaign manager, Rick at (602) 805-7000, can call you to ask you to DONATE and to SCHEDULE a time for you and I to do a 5-6 minute, recorded podcast interview session where you can share your thoughts about how you feel about the current situation and I will end the podcast interview session with a 90-second talk about my platform.

Donations will be used to get my name on the ballot and spread my message of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to the people of Illinois.

Right now, the GOP establishment is ignoring my campaign. They are not acknowledging my run and so therefore I need to push harder for the people of Illinois if I am to win the Governor race.

I will not let the Illinois “boys club” deter or ignore my goal to Make Illinois Right Again. The people of Illinois residents have given the “political class experts” plenty of chances and opportunities to make Illinois a great place to live…and they have failed. Their time is up.

My campaign theme is: “I may no longer wear my uniforms, but I still work for the people.”


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