How J.B. Pritzker is Making Illinois Residents' Lives Miserable

One of the biggest problems Illinois faces is the lack of leadership. JB Pritzker is unwilling to have the citizens’ best interests first. He would rather fearmonger the people and push his far-left agenda and narrative.

Right now, there is population loss, a stagnant employment growth, high property taxes, out of control crime, small business closings and general economic declines. Since 2010, Illinois has lost nearly 643,000 people to other states.

Our children are being taught an anti-America agenda and parents, when they speak out, are being labeled as domestic terrorists. Parents have the right to advocate for their children what is right and wrong! Parents are taxpayers and their taxes fund Democrats wish list. It is imperative that CRT be removed from all school agendas. Our country’s history needs to be put back in place as removing history from schools and replacing it with CRT are attacks on our children and our country, and it is totally unacceptable!

Churchill once said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

There's no room for politics in the classroom and the government retaliating against parents with concerns about CRT. I mean, when did we start letting the government raise our children? When did the government become the supreme leader to dictate to parents with children what is right and wrong?

Democrats pay illegals upon arrival in the U.S., giving them free college education and benefits, yet Democrats demoralize the American people. Democrats make martyrs of criminals, honoring them with statues. Where are the statues of the 13 service members killed Afghanistan? They are the heroes!

Pritzker would rather open the state to Illegals coming across the border, give them free housing, money, health care and hand outs than help the Illinois homeless and veteran residents on the street.

Pritzker’s corruption and his archaic policies are destroying Illinois and the only entities Pritzker is helping are rich elites.

Illinoisans are even being stripped of their basic right to choose as vaccines and mask mandates are forced on them. Pritzker is overreaching in his power grab to control the people of Illinois. JB. Pritzker cares nothing about the health of the people and his failed policies have caused nothing but chaos and confusion.

Now I am no one special, I am not rich, I don’t own a business or have an established career in politics. I am a hard-working, compassionate person who has always fought for the underdog. I have always given it my all to make sure my family, friends and neighbors are taken care of.

My campaign to run for Governor is not about the money. This effort is for all the hard-working citizens of Illinois who are struggling so they can be heard and prosper. I've spent my life defending my country and my community and I'll continue to stand up for the people of Illinois.

What is my strategy to win the Governor's race?

I’m going to use the same weapon Democrats, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama used on Americans in order to Make Illinois Right Again. I’m going to connect every single problem in Illinois to the Democrat Party push towards socialism and communism. And the education and information will come from the book, "Rules For Radicals", written by Saul D. Alinsky.

In addition to exposing the Democrat's use of "Rules for Radicals", my campaign will include what happened during the Bolshevik Revolution where the Russian people and many countries in Eastern Europe were tricked into voting for socialists and communists.

I will work tirelessly against the push of communism on the citizens of Illinois, and I will be the voice for the working-class and Make Illinois Right Again!

Only after I win (and I can win this election) I can start looking to fix the problems which have plagued Illinois like taxes, crime, budgets, pensions, etc.

I have a plan to minimize Democrat election skullduggery. Therefore, I need Illinois residents’ financial support through donations. I need national support from every American. If Illinois is fixed, then other states and Americans living in these other states also benefit because Illinois can move toward being less dependent on the federal government.

Building volunteer teams, spreading the word through grassroots channels cost money. My campaign for Governor is not going to spend money on lavish hotels and restaurants to rub elbows with elite individuals. I’m not promising special favors to anyone. I am running for the people of Illinois.

My campaign manager, Rick at (602) 805-7000, can call you to ask you to DONATE and to SCHEDULE a time for you and I to do a 5-6 minute, recorded podcast interview session where you can share your thoughts about how you feel about the current situation and I will end the podcast interview session with a 90-second talk about my platform.

Donations will be used to get my name on the ballot and spread my message of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to the people of Illinois.

Right now, the GOP establishment is ignoring my campaign. They are not acknowledging my run and so therefore I need to push harder for the people of Illinois if I am to win the Governor race.

I will not let the Illinois “boys club” deter or ignore my goal to Make Illinois Right Again. The people of Illinois residents have given the “political class experts” plenty of chances and opportunities to make Illinois a great place to live…and they have failed. Their time is up.

My campaign theme is: “I may no longer wear my uniforms, but I still work for the people.”


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